Facilitate deeper and more meaningful conversations with your clients

As you are probably aware we use (and are very proud of) a value-based research methodology, meaning that we put more weighting on items that are more valuable to your clients. As an example in Trauma insurance, cancer claims account for about 44% of all male Trauma claims and a whopping 70% of female Trauma claims, therefore it is important that what you are recommending has good cancer wording over something more trivial or much less likely to be claimed on such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

Quotemonster has five report formats to help you understand and explain the differences between products with your clients:

  1. Benefit Overview: A simple report with ticks and crosses to show clients which items are included and excluded from the policy.
  2. Heatmap Report: A visual experience that quickly shows clients which features are better via colour-coding and single words.
  3. Star Rating Report: A report outlining even the smallest differences between products whilst making it clear which items add more value to a policy.
  4. Summary Head to Head: A simple comparison between two companies with a snapshot of pricing differences, material product differences, and similarities between products.
  5. Detailed Head to Head: Designed to drill down into the detail, providing you another great tool to help educate customers about any criteria within the policy wording that could have an impact at claim time.  

Between the different report options available to Research subscribers you will always have one to suit your client’s ability to understand what the differences are between the products, whether they are looking for a quick overview or an in-depth comparison. Our reports assist you in explaining how the products fit the needs of your client and allows you to engage in deeper conversations about the importance of suitability and the importance of some benefits over others. 

If you wish to gain a better understanding of our value-based methodology or take a look at the reports we offer please get in touch by calling us on (09) 480 6071 or email [email protected].

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