Quality Product Research: Proposed rating for Chronic Lung Disease

To commemorate World Pneumonia Day on November 12, 2021, we would like to share our rating for Chronic Lung Disease. World Pneumonia Day aims to highlight the importance of pneumonia as a public health issue and to encourage more countries to invest in learning more about the disease. Interestingly, in New Zealand Respiratory disease is the third leading cause of death as mentioned in our resources below: 

For more information on pneumonia and how you can support the cause please visit https://stoppneumonia.org/

Sub-items rating review



We used the same logic as per our proposed rating for Peripheral Neuropathy (click here to see this). Definitions do seem to vary among insurers which we believe is important to highlight so we have created additional sub-items for this purpose. The condition has a low weighting compared to Trauma as a whole, for example Chronic Lung Disease only contributes a rating of ~0.30 to Trauma.

Your feedback

We value getting your feedback on how these wordings are being applied to claims you may be aware of. Please email us with details of any recent claims to help us update our understanding.

Doreen Dutt, Research Analyst, Quality Product Research Limited, [email protected]

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